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Science has been implied by many scholars in the ancient times. However, the real spring board of science was when scientific revolution occurred. This period which occurred between 16th to 17th centuries defined science as a major foundation of learning in the society. It was at this period that ideas relevant to astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics were discovered. These ideas discredited many doctrines that have been established within the society for quite some time. The main catalyst of this thirst for knowledge are two publications, as believed by many academics and scholars. One was written by Polish Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus entitled De revolutionibus orbium coelestium or On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres. The most famous contribution that this publication made was that the sun is the center of the solar systems, were Earth and other planets revolve around it. This Copernican magnum opus was dedicated to Pope Paul III. The second publication that became one of the bases for scientific revolution was a publication written by German physician and anatomist Andreas Vesalius.

Vesalius wrote the book De humani corporis fabrica libri septem or On the Fabric of human body in seven books. This publication presented his examination of the several organs and structures of the body. Vesalius conducted research for his book by dissecting corpse, and he presented his ideas with vivid illustrations. These two individuals, with their respective publications, provided science with a substantial and concrete foundation for furthering the scientific study.

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When writing a science essay, it is very important to make sure that the materials you use as a reference is highly credible. Science follows a set of guidelines when researching and conducting experiments – and writing a term paper for this subject should be any different. To come up with a reasonable and quality academic paper, then one must strictly follow a set of steps: from conceptualizing essay topics to creating an essay outline to term paper writing and to term paper editing. If you need someone to guide you when coming up with any type of custom essay, then is the best site to consult. This is because with our extensive list of qualified academic writers, you are always assured of term papers that will meet any requirement that you may have.

Another critical component of writing any type of academic paper is the research materials that you will use. Primarily, this is because science is an academic field that strictly requires a credible and reliable academic reference material. Though considered as ancient by many, the two publications written by the mentioned science pioneers – Vesalius and Copernicus – remain to be a highly relevant source. To this day, the findings that they have provided are considered revolutionary because it aimed to change the views on nature at that time.

Aside from the two highly acclaimed scientists, there are other noteworthy individuals who have discovered relevant information which contributed to the advancement of science. Indeed, they are historical elements – but the mere fact that they are part of the core contributors to science shows that they remain relevant until today. enumerates some of these individuals who can provide you with some term paper ideas for your science essay.

  • Italian scientist and philosopher Galileo Galilei discovered many astronomical bodies (which includes Jupiter’s four moons, Venus’ phase, and Saturn’s rings) when he made improvements on the telescope
  • German astrologer, astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler came up with the three laws of planetary motion.
  • French philosopher and scientist Rene Descartes helped institute the scientific methods, with his book Discourse on the Method
  • English scientist and theologian Isaac Newton conducted further studies on Kepler and Galileo’s findings in astronomy.
  • Dutch scientist and business man Anton van Leeuwenhoek created the microscope and made remarkable discoveries on micro biology

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